Leather Repairs North West

Welcome to Leather Repairs North-West, we can carry out all types of leather repairs and re colouring services to all types of leather.

Leather Repairs North West

Leather Specialist for 30+ Years in Leather Suites since 1981.

Welcome to Leather Repairs North-West, we can carry out all types of leather repairs and recolouring services to all types of leather furniture such as cars, sofas, chairs, recliners, stools, headboards...

Leather Repairs North West

We cover and offer the following services :

  • Free No Obligation Home Visit + Free Quotes
  • Free Pick Up + Return of your Leather Furniture.
  • Full Repair of All Leather Furniture however small or major the repair needed.
Leather repairs north west

Leather Re Couloring North West

Chess After New Complete

Leather Recoloring North West Areas


  • Sun Fading/Colour
  • Discolouration.
  • Pet Marks/Scratching/Tears.
  • Cuts/Marks/Tears or Holes in Leather.
  • Cracking/Peeling of Leather or Colour.
  • Re-Tanning/Pigmentation
  • Restoration of Original Colour.
  • Full Professional Leather Full Suite Cleaning Service +
  • Restoration of your Suite.
  • Covering all Real Leather...Types/Grains/Textures of all Leather
  • Suites/Products.
  • We also supply and Re-fit: Padding/Foams + Fillings and Interiors.

Leather Repairs North West

When you consider your old Leather Suite faded and worn and you consider replacing it...Call us 1st..07821489157 . You"l be amazed at the finish and result bringing your Leather Suite or Chair back to new condition at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.


We Are Leather Repair EXPERTS

we aim to provide the very best leather repair service to you.


We believe that the service we offer is unmatched by any other company and that everything is set to the highest quality it can be within this industry so that no other can match.

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